Why Better Writers Make More Money

As a Technical Writer, I come across improper writing on a daily basis. After all, it’s my job to find those errors and correct them. But recently, Grammarly found a correlation between strong writing skills and job performance. According to their research, people with stronger writing skills are better at their jobs and have a higher salary than those who aren’t as conscientious about their writing.

As the infographic shows, freelance writers make the fewest mistakes per 100 words while finance and management professionals make the most mistakes. I must admit, this information doesn’t surprise me. But I wonder why it is that better writers make more money than others. The one bit of information that did surprise me was that writers in the legal field tend to make less than writers in the Engineering and Manufacturing fields.


Although I’m not an expert on each writing field and their pay, I do have a decent idea as to why writers in some fields make more than writers in other fields.

Writers in Engineering and Manufacturing

Writers in the Engineering and Manufacturing field make the most money because it’s essential that the correct information is provided to the customers. From personal experience, I know that it’s not a great idea to publicly release a document written by an engineer. Often, engineers understand the content too well that they are unable to transform that content into clear terms for everyone to understand. I know an engineer did a decent writing job if I can understand the instructions they sent me, but that rarely happens. In terms of manufacturing, professional writers are necessary because most manufacturing companies cannot afford a lawsuit. It makes more sense to pay one person a hefty salary to ensure that consumers don’t hurt themselves than it is to pay out millions in lawsuits.

Writers in Finance and Management

It makes sense that writers in Finance and Management make decent money. Personally, I believe that our brains are either exceptional at numbers and awful at syntax or vice versa. But that could just be my issue. I can’t comprehend numbers for the life of me. But better writers should earn decent pay in this field because it’s crucial to display earnings and procedures in a clear and concise way. For management, a clear process prevents mistakes, whereas a jumbled process leaves room for errors.

Writers in Legal

The more I think about why writers make less in the Legal field, the more sense it makes to me. Most professionals in the legal field tend to have an eye for detail. Imagine the amount of documents that legal professionals review. In most cases, legal professionals are meticulous and look for loopholes in the documentation. That said, I can understand why writers in the legal field make less money than in other fields.

Writers in Sales and Marketing

Speaking from more experience, most writers in the Sales and Marketing professions don’t make as much money. I think it’s because it’s more creative writing than procedural. In Sales and Marketing, you want to convince potential clients that your company provides the best services for their needs. That means that the writer must persuade customers but also be professional in the delivery. As a Content Writer at an Internet Marketing company, I had to be so creative that I lost most of my creative juices. I didn’t make too much at that job, but it was a great entry level position. I was able to refine my skills as well as learn several marketing techniques. Granted, I am not sure if my marketing skills are phenomenal, but I have a basic idea of how to market.

Overall, it’s no surprise to me that strong writers are better and happier at their jobs than those in other professions. I think it’s because writing is like a puzzle, and if you enjoy puzzles, you enjoy your job. As for the higher pay, that is just a great perk for a fun career.


A note about Grammarly

On a separate note, I highly recommend that everyone takes a glance at Grammarly. The site is a grammar checker which I have used on several occasions, and it works wonderfully! Grammarly is perfect if you write on a daily basis or if you want to improve your writing overall.  The tool is even better if you are a college student and you need to submit that term paper that you may have forgot about until these last few days. Whatever your writing needs are, Grammarly is there to help! Some of us cannot remember all of the rules and regulations of the English language. Luckily, Grammarly has that all figured out for us. So please, if you find yourself frequently writing, you owe it to yourself to use their extraordinary grammar tool. Trust me.


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