New Girl In Town: Six Perks Of Being Single In A New City

Written by Victoria Akpan


The aches and pains of moving. For some of us, it doesn’t happen too often, but for the rest of us gypsy-spirited folk out there, it becomes a way of life. The reasons can vary: you’re sick of your current city, you crave adventure, you’re offered an exciting job overseas, you want a fresh start, you’ve just about had it with love. It takes a lot of planning and money will more than likely be spent, but deep down you know it’s so worth it. It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for, and you’re over the moon that you finally made it happen.

Then it sinks in: I’m single. You know you’re getting to where you want to be, but being in love still lingers on your mind. Sometimes being single can feel horribly like being a cockroach turned helplessly on its back. There’s something about moving to a new city and not knowing entirely what lies ahead that makes things exciting. As a matter of fact, being single in a new city can be a wonderful thing and here are six reasons why.

1. You’re more independent than before

Out of all the perks, I think this one is the most essential. There’s an all too famous quote out there that you’ve probably heard from your mother or a million other people that says something like “if you don’t love yourself, how will you love someone else?” It’s so true! I think one of the biggest mistakes a woman can make is not knowing who she is when she enters a relationship. While I do believe that love enhances our lives, it shouldn’t be the only thing. When you’ve been able to enjoy your company, better yourself, make mistakes, do what makes you happy and spend time figuring yourself out, you’re getting the best out of life.

2. You have Freedom

No one to answer to, no one to shave your legs for, no one to hold you back, no in-laws to impress, no one to break your heart. It’s all about YOU. Freedom is a luxury!

3. You make new friends

You’ve already decided to make this courageous move, so why not take another chance and get to know people? Don’t be afraid to ask a coworker for a dinner recommendation, join a Meetup group, volunteer at a museum, or take a class at that popular yoga studio. Making new friends is not only a great way to build relationships, but it also allows you to get out and explore. Who’s to say that one of these friendships won’t turn into something more? You never know!

4. Nothing holds you back from opportunities

What if things don’t work out, or your boss offers you a promotion to a greater job in another new city? You’ll have a lot to think about, but you definitely won’t have to worry about hindering your relationship.

5. You can date and explore your options

I like to think of moving as a clean slate, a fresh start. Whether you’ve dated the wrong guys in the past, or haven’t put yourself out there, being single in a new city can be such an exciting way to meet new people. Date as much (or as little) as you’d like. You never know if that date can turn into a relationship.

6. You learn something about yourself

In the end, it’s all about the journey and being single is a great way to know who you are. Whether you move to find love, a new life, a new adventure or work, knowing your story and loving yourself throughout the process is the best part. You’ll see just how strong and bold you are.

Get out there and appreciate life while you still can!


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