Everybody Cheats

I think I have a good idea as to why people cheat, and so I wrote a short book about it.

Our fascination with finding the perfect someone has caused us to settle on a partner that is just good enough. Within a few years, we get bored, and we cheat. Although several articles promote cheating as a healthy way to save relationships, the fact is that we won’t cheat if we don’t settle.  However, if we take the time to be single and live our lives, we will eventually find our soulmate. In turn, we can have that fairy tale ending that we all desire, but no longer believe exists.

Everybody Cheats is honest, funny, and pinpoints the real issues we have when it comes to our romantic relationships.

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The Self-Publishing Review, 4 Stars

“This book is well written, friendly, and I expect its basic advice — enjoy your youth, live your life, and leave your options open so that when you do meet that perfect partner you’ll be ready — will be welcomed by a generation with more options than they know how to deal with and perhaps fewer than they had hoped.”

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Serious Reading Review, 5 Stars

“This is an excellent narrative about relationships today. No matter how long you stay single for, it is very important to love yourself and be content in your life first before you can welcome another person into it.”

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