Another Adventure

I will be off to Montana in just a few days. I am incredibly excited for the zip line adventure, the dogsled experience, and the opportunity to practice my archery.

I think this will be a very nice, and much needed, vacation. I must thank my lovely friend Valerie for choosing me to experience this adventure with her.

There is nothing more beautiful than travelling. I love to see the world and immerse myself in new experiences. I hear Montana is beautiful. I am more than thrilled to see the breathtaking landscape that awaits. Although I have a strong distaste for the cold, I can never turn down a wonderful adventure.

With that being said, expect a blog post about Montana! Maybe it will spark my travel writing creativity. My creative writing side has been hidden in a vault, tucked far away in the cellar beneath the apartment that I inhabit. I blame content marketing for my current lack of creativity. I need to find a new breath of air. Maybe, just maybe, that fresh and intoxicating oxygen is located in the heart of Montana.


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