Who to Thank: Delivery Drivers

Each week, I want to acknowledge those people who deserve a big Thank You, but rarely receive one.  The people who I will be thanking each week are those who work normal jobs, but may be overlooked in the grand scheme of things. This week, I believe that we should all be thankful for delivery drivers.

Delivery drivers are the ones who bring us what we want, and usually in horrible conditions. Let us say that there is a blizzard and we are all too afraid to leave the comfort of our homes, yet we are hungry. What do we do? We call a restaurant and have the delivery driver face the fierce storms so that we can have our meal. Delivery drivers challenge the worst weather conditions because we are either too afraid, or too comfortable to leave our own homes. It does not matter if it is storming, freezing, or snowing because they will make the drive to us.

However, it is not just braving the weather conditions that make them a candidate for a big Thank You. It is also the basics of the job. For example, most delivery drivers are responsible for paying for their own gas, as well as paying for any wear and tear on their car that happens over months of constant driving. We also must remember that most people are poor tippers who complain about things that the driver has no control over. Delivery drivers must also deal with those people who also do not answer the phone or the door when the driver arrives, and no answer can usually result in an illogical complaint to the restaurant manager.

But the main reason they deserve our respect and appreciation is because of safety. It is rare to find a driver who does not carry a weapon, but the weapon is necessary. At my college, there were reports of muggings, mostly to delivery drivers. People know that delivery drivers have cash and food, and there will always be people who do not mind acting on the opportunity to grab a free pizza and some extra cash. Just to illustrate with an example, in the early 2000’s, my brother was a delivery driver in college and he was chased by a man with a baseball bat because he wanted my brother’s cash. My brother has carried a crowbar in his car every day since the incident.  Could you imagine having to approach houses in the dead of night to deliver food, and not know if someone is waiting to attack you? Delivery drivers have a dangerous job. Next time you meet a driver, ask the driver if they carry a weapon. I am sure the answer is YES!

Although safety is a key reason why delivery drivers deserve a genuine Thank You, it is the sacrifices that they make as well. Imagine that you live in a college town, and you had quite the night of carousing. You cannot get in your car to grab food, so what do you do? You call a restaurant so that they can bring a meal to your doorstep. Imagine being the driver. The driver must not engage in the common college activities because they are there for the others who desire food during the night. This type of sacrifice is terrible for those living in a college town. All of the others can have fun, but as a driver, you are not allowed to join.

Delivery drivers not only risk their lives, but they cater to us when we are feeling lazy or afraid of the weather. Sure, there are times where they get free food, and they can earn some nice cash on a busy Friday night, but their job is not easy. Being a delivery driver is a common job, but it is also one of the most dangerous. Not only are they driving in weather conditions that others would avoid, but they are a common target for assault.

So please, next time your order food to be delivered to your home, give the drivers the respect they deserve. Give them a generous tip and say thank you for bringing me the food I want. Let the drivers know that they are appreciated because they definitely deserve it.


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