Five Tips For Achieving Your Dreams

We all have dreams that most of us think that we won’t ever achieve. The truth is that anything is possible if we change the way we think about the world. We tend to believe that our dreams are impossible because we’re associating with people who reiterate that fact to us often. But just because they don’t believe in achieving success doesn’t mean that you can’t conquer your dreams.

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

These five tips have helped me achieve my dreams, and they continue to do so today.

Tip 1: Know that you can do it
All success starts with the assertion that you can do it. The only person who can stop you from achieving your goals is you. You must shut out the world that tells you “no” and believe that you will succeed. If you keep telling yourself that you won’t make it, then you won’t. You have to believe that you have what it takes to create your dream life. Believe it because you do have what it takes, all you need is the courage to follow through.

Tip 2: Ignore the haters
People who don’t have the courage to conquer their dreams will always find a way to denounce your dreams. It’s how the world works sometimes. People are intimidated by those who go out and get what you want. They are envious because you have a dream and are going through with it while they sit back and accept that they won’t ever even try. If I had a nickel for every time someone laughed in my face, I would actually be a millionaire right now. I just let them tell me I am delusional and keep trying to achieve my goals. People will always tell you “good luck with that” but that’s because they don’t want to put effort into achieving their dreams. Big dreams will always seem impossible to small minded people.

Tip 3: Have a clearly defined goal
You must always clearly define your goal. It’s much easier to achieve something specific than aiming for all options. Think about what exactly it is that you want. Once you have a defined goal, write it down on a piece of paper and hang it someplace you will see it. It could be on the fridge or next to your bed. It helps to see a reminder of what you’re aiming to achieve. Once you have a defined vision of what you want, life will guide you down the path naturally. Just make sure you pay attention to the signs.

Tip 4: Always look for open doors
It’s best to keep your eyes open. There are opportunities everywhere and it’s up to you to see and take advantage of those opportunities. If you’re in college, and you see a flyer for an internship, apply for that internship. It never hurts to have experience under your belt. Look online and see if there are any contests or positions open that relate to your goal. Even if you don’t win at the first few opportunities, something will click.

Tip 5: Always take risks
There is no downside to taking risks. The worst that can happen is you’ll get rejected. Everyone gets rejected, but it’s those who understand the reasons behind the rejection who truly achieve their goals. Life is about making mistakes and learning from those mistakes. I know how easy it is to crawl into a corner and cry because no one wants to read your book or give you a loan for a business plan. Instead of giving up, try to understand why you’ve been rejected and put that into your world knowledge arsenal. You must learn why you failed if you ever hope to succeed.

Know that if you have the courage and the determination to achieve your dreams, then you are meant to change the world with your words and your actions. Only those who are courageous enough to fight the odds are the ones who truly change the world. And remember, nothing can stand in your way except for you. One quote that I must share comes from Mike Holloway, the winner of Survivor: Season 30. Before his final tribal, he said “Now, I know that there is no wall that I can come up against that I can’t either dig under it, climb over it, or heck if I’ve got to, bust through it.” And that’s the truth.


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