How To Get Hired After Graduation

If you’re an undergraduate in college, then you’re probably wondering how to get hired after graduation. Well, it’s possible, you just have to build your resume. It’s a competitive world out there, and a degree alone won’t get you hired anymore. You need to prove that you’re more qualified than the other recent graduates applying for the same position.

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So how do you get hired after graduation? Simple. Do these five things and you’ve increased your chances dramatically.

1. Participate in student organizations

Showing that you can manage good grades while taking on other responsibilities tells the potential employer that you can handle more than the average workload. Student organizations also provide opportunities for out-of-school projects. For example, if you’re an English major, most internships will want writing samples that aren’t for class. Joining a student organization gives you the opportunity to write an article that you can use for your interviews. Also, student organizations are breeding pools for networking, and networking is key to getting hired anywhere.

2. Get a job

Not all college students need a job because their parents pay their rent. However, having a job in college shows potential employers that not only can you manage your heavy course load, but also manage working so many hours a week. Employers are looking for someone who can prove that they can handle more than just the minimum course load. It shows employers that you know how to manage your time between classes and work. All employers look for excellent time management skills.

3. Get an internship

Getting an internship is by far the most crucial way to get hired out of college. Sure, you won’t get paid for the internship, but you will show the company that you can handle working for them while earning your degree. Also, they are getting a preview of how you fit into their business. An internship gives you the opportunity to prove yourself to the company. If they like you, there is a high chance that they will hire you after graduation. And there are plenty of internships out there, you just need to spot the opportunities. I got my first internship a few months before I graduated college. Out of the entire English department, only me and two other students applied for my internship. Everyone got the e-mail, but only three people acted on it. So if you see an internship opportunity come across your desk, look into it and see if it’s something you’re interested in doing. Taking that internship could be the difference between unemployment and a career.

4. Seek out career resources

I’m sure that most if not all colleges have a career resource building. Go there. They will help you write your resume and a cover letter. They will also give you any other advice you need for the career world. Most of the time, they will also have postings for jobs and internships in or around the area. The career services department is there to help you get hired, so why not take advantage of the free resource?

5. Build an Online Presence

College kids today are luckier when it comes to building an online presence. When I was in college, there weren’t many places for us to create an online presence. Facebook and Twitter just launched, and there weren’t any online magazines that would take contributing writers. But there are plenty out there now, including Elite Daily. This site is doing wonders for college students because it’s giving you the opportunity to build a writing portfolio. Now college students have the chance to get their foot in the door years before graduation. These online magazines are a launching pad for college kids, so take advantage of it. Plus, most companies look at your online profiles, so building an online presence is a definite way to stand out from the rest of the crowd.


Getting hired out of college isn’t just luck. It’s about being able to see the endless opportunities and harnessing them to work in your favor. So look around. Join a student organization that intrigues you. Look for internships in your field. Work, if not for rent, then for beer money. Seek out career resources because they’re out there. And above all, take advantage of the endless opportunities online. It may sound like hard work, but trust me, it’s worth it in the end.


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