Creating Your Future Part 3: Think “When”, Not “If”

When it comes to achieving your goals, one of the most important aspects to consider is to change your thinking from “If” to “When”. Now, it may seem a little silly, but the truth is that thinking in terms of “If” means that you already believe that achieving your goal is unlikely. Let us look at it this way.

Saying something like, “Well, if I get my dream home, I will invite you over for fabulous gatherings” is not nearly as motivating as “When I get my dream house, you all are invited over for fabulous gatherings.” 

Achieving your goals is all about creating and maintaining a positive mindset. There should be no self-doubt because anything is possible. However, the instant you begin to doubt your ability to conquer a goal, you may lose your drive and belief that you can accomplish the task.

Using “When” instead of “If” is motivating and exciting. It keeps your mind occupied on the end goal. “When” also means that your mind and soul know that you will achieve the goal at some point in time. And when you know that something will happen, it usually does. Granted, an overnight success is not likely, but “When” sets the stage for higher possibility. You create your own destiny, and there is no better way to do it than to remind yourself that it is not if you reach your goal, but when you reach your goal.

You must keep moving ahead, and eliminate all doubt. Sure, some people will look at you like you are crazy because you are so positive that you will attain your goal. But guess what? Continually thinking “when I reach my goal” is almost always a guarantee that you will succeed.

If you desire further inspiration, I highly recommend viewing The Secret. For some reason, everything in that documentary makes complete sense.

In short, in order to achieve your goals, you need to change your way of thinking. Convince yourself that you will achieve your goal. Think “When I make it” not “If I make it”. Pretty soon, you will see everything fall into place. After all, once you know what you want, the pieces will naturally come together.


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