Goals for 2014 (Update)

Hello again. It has been quite some time since I have posted, but due to recent developments, I foresee many more posts in the near future.

To update on my goals for 2014, so far, a few have been accomplished. I moved from Chicago down to Nashville. I finished reading the Mistborn series. I bought a new journal to document my next chapter down here in Tennessee. And finally, I am almost back at my college weight. I had to start doing Yoga, but mainly because I have had some back problems. Not desirable for a twenty-six year old. I assume the back pain came from being hunched over the computer desk all day. But, I do not see a downside when it comes to better health.

Sadly, I was unable to make it to the Steampunk World’s Fair due to my move down to Nashville.  I also do not see me travelling off to Europe this year. I will make it back though, in good time.

As for the book, I have been making some progress. I do not want to go into details yet, but I have set a deadline of January 2015. I will have the book out for editing by January.

Now since these past two posts have been related to me, and not entirely beneficial for the audience, I will end the update with some advice: When you know what you want, life will direct you down the right path. Stay focused on the end result. Be happy. Take joy in all that you have. Never let anyone laugh at your dreams. You can achieve all of your goals.You will achieve your goals.


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