Listen To Your Intuition Because It Has All The Answers

Do you want to know something cool? We already know our futures before we start thinking about them. They always say that if you’re doing the job you dreamed of as a child, then you made it. Well, what if I were to tell you that your intuition already has all of the answers you seek? We may not notice it because we get caught up in the rat race of life. It happens. But if you take the time to think about it, your intuition has been pinging you this whole time.  It pings us about our future career and our other half.  But because everybody loves love, this post discusses our intuition and its role in defining our other half.

Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash

Ever since we’re children, our intuition notifies us when it finds something we look for in our soulmate. Think to when you first discovered your sexual orientation. What was it that triggered the thought that you sexually like something? And this does happen when we’re children and often because that’s when were most likely to listen.

For instance, I remember when my intuition triggered me about my sexual preference. I was 12 years old, I heard a Boston accent, and immediately I knew that men ultimately won the battle over my sexual orientation. I was actually on the verge of being a lesbian at that point, but I got flipped by a random guy on the News in Boston. I remember the day like it was yesterday. I ran to my brother and asked “Hey Pete! Where is Boston?” He said, “it’s on the east coast, why?” I said, “because I am going to marry a guy from Boston! They sound hot!” I was 12, give me a break. But that was the first time I acknowledged that I wanted a man, and not a woman, as my soulmate.

Now these moments are normally lost in our subconscious. I completely forgot about it until I was writing the book. So let’s look at more memorable triggers. When I was a child, my first crush was Cary Elwes in Robin Hood Men in Tights. He was hot, funny, silly, and goofy. Then I had a super big crush on Brendan Fraser as Rick O’Connell in The Mummy and The Mummy Returns. He was hot, funny, badass, and could protect you from anything, including vengeful mummies.

Then I hit 13 and started liking football players for some reason. I was always a big Broncos fan since I was about 10, but never found football players attractive. Then, in 2001, I was watching the Patriots game when Drew Bledsoe went out, and Tom Brady came in to finish the season off with a Super Bowl win. All I wanted from that moment on was to marry Tom Brady, live on the east coast, look at the pretty leaves, and drink coffee with my fine man. We also have the same birthday, so I was sure we were soulmates.

Photo by Vil Son on Unsplash

Now obviously Cary Elwes, Brendan Fraser or Tom Brady is not my other half. But as I grew older and dated all of the wrong guys, I noticed that my perfect man is a combination of all of these famous men. I know that my other half is tall, handsome, protective, funny, intelligent, goofy, dominant and respectful. He is a true gentleman. He is financially and mentally stable. He wants to be the provider. I am sorry, but I want to be a stay-at-home mom. I have been working since I’ve been 11 years old. I’m a strong and independent woman for natural selection reasons. I knew that I couldn’t rely on a man to make me feel happy or pay my rent, and I had to be strong to get through this life. But I am a super softie who has more compassion for orphans and animals than I can handle.

For the longest time, I thought that they didn’t make real men anymore. I was beginning to accept the fact that I won’t ever find a dominant man who is also sane. As women, we know that most guys that are aggressive are also nutcases. BUT! There are a select few out there who are mentally stable and like to be in control. I know, I was beginning to lose hope too, but then I got to watch Survivor: Worlds Apart and Mike Holloway reignited my hope. Then I met him in Boston, and it was fantastic! He is a real man, and I am glad to know that they still exist. Personally, he should go around teaching classes on how to be a real man, but he probably has better things to do with his time.

But the point is that I know this man exists. Granted, they only made a few of these men and only some are left roaming the planet. I hope to snag one of the remaining few. I choose to have hope. I choose to believe that if I continue to listen to the pings, then I will find my other half. There is a perfect person out there for everyone. Don’t give up hope and settle. Choose to live the life you were meant to live and enjoy your bliss at the end of the journey.

Your other half could be anywhere in this vast world. Listen to your intuition and life will lead you there.


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