Who Would You Choose For Another Season of Survivor: Second Chances?

Survivor is without doubt one of the best shows on television. This current season is amazing, although I am still upset about Jeff Varner. My top two choices to win this season were Jeff Varner and Terry Deitz. Unfortunately, both are gone but know that I thoroughly respect Terry’s decision to leave the game for his son. And quite honestly, I wouldn’t be in the least bit surprised if Kelly Wentworth or Jeremy Collins won the title of Sole Survivor, and not because they have idols, but because they are exhibiting some phenomenal strategy.


From Survivor.wikia.com

But I thought if I had the opportunity to choose a cast for another Survivor: Second Chances season, who would I pick? For this list, I had to consult one of my best friends who is also a Survivor guru. She religiously listens to Rob Has A Podcast, and she is one of the biggest Survivor fans I have met in my many years of living. She even forced me to attend the Rodney Bowl, which I did, gladly, because I loved the Worlds Apart season.

There is no ranking, except with Shane Powers and Tina Scheer. Shane Powers should have been on this season, and I thoroughly believe that everyone in the Survivor community was equally upset when he didn’t get his second chance. Tina Scheer didn’t even get a good first chance, but she is killer around camp, and I bet she had an amazing strategy that we never got to see.

That said, here is a list of 20 castaways that we would love to see on another Survivor: Second Chances season.


  1. Shane Powers (Panama)
  2. John Carroll (Marquesas)
  3. Ken Hoang (Gabon)
  4. Josh Canfield (San Juan del Sur)
  5. John Fincher (Samoa)
  6. Aaron Reisberger (China)
  7. Rodney Lavoie Jr. (Worlds Apart)
  8. Brice Johnston (Cagayan)
  9. Erik Cardona (Samoa)
  10. Nick Stanbury (Panama)



  1. Tina Scheer (Panama)
  2. Kelly Goldsmith (Africa)
  3. Kristina Kell (Redemption Island)
  4. Erinn Lobdell (Tocantins)
  5. Kelly Remington (Worlds Apart)
  6. Shannon “Shambo” Waters (Samoa)
  7. Allie Pohevitz (Caramoan)
  8. RC Saint-Amour (Philippines)
  9. Jessica deBen (Fiji)
  10. Amy O’Hara (Guatemala)


So that is our list if we had the opportunity to choose the cast for another season of Survivor: Second Chances.

What do you think? Who would you include in this list?


2 thoughts on “Who Would You Choose For Another Season of Survivor: Second Chances?

  1. jeremy says:

    Sean – S1
    John – S4
    Sean – S4
    Alex – S6
    Ian – S10
    Rafe – S11
    Alex – S14
    Brendan – S18
    Matt – S22
    Hayden – S27

    Elisabeth – S2
    Teresa – S3
    Neleh – S4
    Helen – S5
    Heidi – S6
    Amy – S11
    Cindy – S11
    Rita – S14
    Taj – S18
    RC – S25

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