Three Children’s Series That Are Perfect For All Ages

I’ll be honest, I’ve never read Game of Thrones or Harry Potter. And I don’t think I will give the epic Game of Thrones a chance until he finishes the series, but maybe one day I will circle back around to Harry Potter. I’ve never read the latter simply because it was always checked out at the library and by the time the books were available, I lost interest. However, I have come across quite a few amazing children’s book series that I believe deserve a chance with not only the younger crowd they are intended for, but also for the adults who want to feel young at heart again.

That said, here are three children’s series that should make it to your reading list.


The Enchanted Forest Chronicles – Patricia C. Wrede

Oh how I loved this series! Dragons, princes, enchanted forests and magic. If there is any child series that will make you believe in magic again, it’s The Enchanted Forest Chronicles. This series follows Princess Cimorene who is all too over being locked in her castle. She wants something more from life, so she escapes out into the enchanted forest where she befriends dragons who are attempting to overthrow some evil wizards. Cimorene is determined, strong, and kind, making her a wonderful character for young children to enjoy. The series is fun, romantic, exciting, and dare I say, enchanting. If your child comes across this series, you should take a few days to read it for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.


The Squire’s Tales – Gerald Morris

I love everything Arthurian, so I’m not expecting many to actually read this series unless they too have a passion and love for all that is the Round Table. Also, you will have to search Amazon for each book in the series, but your efforts are more than warranted.  The Squire’s Tales by Gerald Morris is a ten book series that shouldn’t take longer than a month to read. It follows a young squire named Terrance, who is special in his own right, as he travels with Gawain through the many adventures of Camelot. This series is a fun retelling of a majority of the Arthurian tales, including Sir Percival, Lady Lynet, and the epic lovers Tristan and Iseult. Each book focuses on a different Arthurian legend with your favorite characters making appearances in each story. My personal favorite is Parsifal’s Page, but that’s because Sir Parsifal is my favorite Knight. If you’ve read any of Le Morte D’Arthur by Sir Thomas Malory, or if you just love King Arthur, then this series is a must!


The Reckoners – Brandon Sanderson

The Reckoners is a young adult series that’s a breath of fresh air from the typical teen fiction. Maybe it’s because I’m a woman, but I tend to read the teen fiction that follow the same formula – bland, yet super pretty teenage girl has no friends, but then an attractive boy moves to town and all of a sudden she’s teleporting things with her mind and saving the world. Not in The Reckoners. For one, the main character is a boy, so that’s a change of pace. Secondly, the main character enters the story knowing that he wants to change the world, and one day will. It’s an entertaining thrill ride about ordinary people who gain Epic powers. The lucky ones who inherit the powers tend to use them to either destroy the world, or create a society that lives under their ruthless rule. Therefore, the team called The Reckoners forms to try and take the world back from the powerful Epics. So I guess the post-apocalyptic trend has found its way into this series, but nevertheless, it’s a series that deserves to be on your list. Actually, any Brandon Sanderson book should be on your list. He is an amazing author!


I personally love to read children’s books. I believe that most books intended for children convey messages that we can still afford to hear as adults. And they tend to be a quick read given that they are written for grade school children. So if you’re looking to meet your GoodReads goal for the year, or you simply want to add some magic to your life, then pick up one of these series. I promise you, you will not regret the decision.


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