Three Best (and Three Worst) Zodiac Signs in the Bedroom (Men)

I guess Zodiac signs are making a comeback, and that is great news for me! I love to guess people’s signs, and most of the time I’m right. So even though there are millions of YouTube videos and blogs on Bustle and ThoughtCatalog, and maybe even a few on Elite Daily that rank the best Zodiac signs, I figured I would make a list since I’m excellent at guessing people’s signs within the first few minutes of meeting them. I really should make it a career since the whole writing thing isn’t panning out too well for me.

That said, here is a ranking of the three best (and three worst) Zodiac signs in bed. Also, this list is based on experience, and unfortunately I’ve never had a Scorpio man (even though I’ve had many opportunities for that). I assume they would probably be number one, but only those with experience can say for sure.

The Three Best in Bed

  1. Sagittarius


They’re too  much fun! A Sagittarius man will do whatever sounds interesting. They’re the most adventurous of the group and will try anything once, then twice if they really like it. They’re the ones who will fulfill your fantasies just because they also want to know what that’s about. Nothing is taboo for a Sagittarius, so if you’re looking for someone to release all inhibitions with, find yourself a Sagittarius man. You will be enlightened. 

2. Leo

Leo men are the movie stars of the Zodiac. A Leo will kiss you like a movie star, then fuck you like two giant cats having sex in the Sahara. They’re also adventurous, but dominant. They enjoy being in control. But since they can also be quite lazy, they’ll let you take the reigns when you want them. A Leo man is dominant and submissive, but also tender and aggressive. In short, if you want that Hollywood romance, go find a Leo man.

3. Gemini

This is just fun sex. A Gemini is the one who will laugh with you the whole time. You two can be in the moment and then one of you does something silly, which causes both of you two laugh out loud and fall off the bed. You will almost always have a fun time with a Gemini man. It will be all over the place, but you will not laugh as much with any other sign.

The Three Worst in Bed

  1. Aquarius

Aquarius men have the moves, but they’re also the most selfish in the Zodiac. They’ll smooth talk their way into your pants, but once they get there, they only care about themselves. They’ll not do anything for you, even if you ask, and they’ll make excuses as to why they won’t do anything for you, like “I’m tired” or “I just can’t unless I’m in love.” All that bullshit. They may be better in bed if they’re in a relationship, but outside of that, they’re the most selfish lovers. They could care less about your wants and needs. Definitely the biggest let down in the Zodiac.

2. Capricorn

A Capricorn man is more talk than follow through. A Capricorn, besides thinking that they’re the best and right all the time, also talk about how excellent they are in bed. They talk about how they will blow your mind and how you will never find anyone else nearly as satisfying. Then you sleep with them and the sex is mediocre at best. So they use manipulative tactics to keep you coming back for more until you finally realize that really this person just sucks and you should probably move on with your life.

3. Cancer

Cancers tend to be more standard. Really I don’t have anything great or bad to say about Cancers, and that’s why they are the third worst on this list.

And then there is one sign that is just in the middle:

As an added bonus, we have Libra in the middle. A Libra man is great for a dominant woman who wants to run the show. Or for someone who wants to be caressed ever so gently that you think that maybe a slight breeze came through the room. Libras are not much for experimentation. They are standard, gentle, and boring. However, they also love to please, and more often than not, they can’t finish until their partner already has, and that’s very considerate. They are probably the most selfless of the Zodiac. But if you’re looking for a fun and rough time, a Libra is far too gentle and bland to fulfill your sexual needs. 

So there you have it. I would totally rank which women are best in bed, but I’m not a lesbian, contrary to popular belief.


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