Can We Stop Listening to Rich People? Please?

For some weird reason we only listen to rich people. We cannot even afford to live in our own country, yet we think celebrities have the best insight into social issues. We believe that the wealthy people have the most experience so we take their advice. But do these celebrities know what it’s like to choose between performing a shoddy home remedy or going to the doctor? Probably not because they have money.

A celebrity can stand on a podium and preach for gay rights, gun control, immigration rights and women’s rights. I am all for gay rights, immigration rights and women’s rights because, as stated in a previous post, women, gays, immigrants and trans people are still people and deserve basic human rights. I believe guns should be monitored better, but not taken away.  But my stance aside, we listen to these celebrities like they are preaching a gospel. We hang on to their every word like they understand the plight of the everyday American.

But they don’t understand working three jobs to support a family. They don’t understand that someone with health insurance still cannot afford to pay their bills in full. Most people with health insurance still need to be on a payment plan with their doctor because health insurance doesn’t cover most procedures. Yea we pay thousands of dollars a year to be covered, but as an everyday American knows, those thousands of dollars rarely pay for an urgent care doctor.

Celebrities don’t have any idea what it’s like to lose a job and be left with nothing because even though they age and may not make it much longer in the spotlight, they made enough money to last them a lifetime.

These celebrities know how to work three to five months out of the year for ten million dollars. You hear Scarlett Johansson complaining that she makes half of what her male counterpart makes. Well that sucks ScarJo, but guess what, you still made millions of dollars! You are not making $16 an hour to your male counterpart who makes $20 an hour. You don’t have to worry as to whether or not you can afford a pediatrician for your child. You don’t have to choose between healthy food for one week and junk food the next because fruits and vegetables cost twice as much as Oreos. You have no idea as to how expensive it actually is to put your child in daycare or to hire a nanny because you already have enough money to pay for all of your needs. You have a net worth of $140 million dollars. You have no idea how a wage gap affects the common woman.

Is there a wage gap? Yes. Should celebrities be the ones to comment on it? No. They still made more than you will ever make working three jobs for forty years of your life.

I must admit, I do listen to celebrities that talk about the planet though because I love the ocean and it blows my mind that people will trash a beach when there are multiple garbage cans there for them to dispose of their trash easily.

However, we think celebrities know best. We listen to them when they tell us not to vaccinate our children. We listen to them when they say they understand the wage gap. We listen to them when they preach about social issues and demonize anyone who doesn’t agree with their point of view.

But we should be seeking out our own heroes. We should be listening to the normal people have created  extraordinary lives, not those who were born with opportunities in their hands. We should listen to the boy from a working class neighborhood who went to college and is now the CEO of a company. This is the guy that is going to give back. This is the guy who understands what it’s like to have nothing and now to have something. You should listen to the girl who grew up in foster care but somehow managed to survive on her own and is now a best selling author. She is a real hero because her trials and tribulations are far greater than Jamie Lee Curtis (I love her but still) who was born to famous parents.

The true heroes of our society are those who, against all odds, still stood for something. The ones who, even though everyone else told them that they are just dreamers who will never get anywhere, are now sitting in Congress.

We need to understand that celebrities have little to no idea as to how the common American lives. Once we understand that they are not heroes, but simply privileged people who have a platform, then maybe we will start to look for the heroes within ourselves. We can be our own heroes who create change, but only if we look to ourselves and our communities for the solutions to the problems that affect us all, and not to the people who are paid to preach at us.


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