Doctors Are Heroes and All, But Remember When…

Doctors are great and all, but remember when…

  • They dismissed you as being fine?
  • They ignored your complaints of ailments and pain?
  • They scoffed at you for asking questions?
  • They rolled their eyes at you just for being there?
  • They told you that it was all in your head?
  • They only wanted to see you for the forty-five seconds they allotted to your room?

Doctors are Gods and all, but remember when…

  • They made all those mistakes during surgeries that essentially cost those patients their lives?
  • They dismissed forms of cancer as allergies?
  • They refused to help women of color with their pregnancies and births?
  • They claimed that your diet has nothing to do with your health?
  • They told you to take those pills that gave you side effects that were worse than the symptoms?
  • They misdiagnosed you and treated you for a non-existent problem?

Doctors are knowledgeable and all, but remember when they said….

  • “I don’t know what’s wrong with you, so you’re fine.”
  • “These lumps are weird, but probably nothing to be concerned about.”
  • “I don’t know why you get that, but it must be genetic”
  • “I only know what is on your chart, and there isn’t much there.”
  • “People get [Insert your ailment here], there’s no reason for it, people just get [Insert your ailment here].”
  • “I don’t know what causes this, but here’s a pill to fix it.”

Doctors are great and all, but remember when…

  • The nurse took your vitals?
  • The nurse monitored your symptoms?
  • The nurse asked you what you felt, how often, where and when?
  • The nurse asked if you had done anything out of the ordinary that could have caused this problem?
  • The nurse checked on you while you waited hours for the doctor?
  • The nurse gave you your discharge information, take care packet, and all instructions?

Doctors are wonderful and all, but remember when…

They cared more about your wallet and their time over your health and well-being?

I remember. Do you?


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